exo™ Training Garments

Smart Wearable Technology

exo™ is a smart garment brand that is designed to improve training and coaching strategies for competitive gymnasts. This wearable technology not only helps gymnasts learn new skills, but also can help prevent severe injuries for growing adolescent athletes. The garments are connected to a mobile interface where coaches and gymnasts can view skill execution, analyze muscle function, compare technique, and be alerted of overused muscles.

The Process

The Solution

The Garments

Made of sensorized neurofabric, exo™ measures muscular activation so coaches and athletes can understand what and how muscles are performing during execution. exo™ also features microsensors seamlessly woven into the neurofabric to continuously monitor body temperature in order to identify any stress placed on the body. The monitors are conveniently placed on leotards where key muscles are, and can differentiate between different muscle groups. Though gymnasts primarily workout in leotards, exo™ also has additional leggings to track movement of the athletes’ leg muscles.

The Interface

The exo™ database gives coaches access to competitive skills performed by professional gymnasts, and compares the professionals’ execution and muscle usage with that of the practicing athlete. Coaches can identify the difference in muscle usage that is preventing their athlete from landing a skill. This side-by-side view can help athletes identify working muscles, and the motion required for mastery.


exo™ quantifies the athletes’ internal training loads and stress activity to ensure they are not overworking or compensating as a result of poor form. The coach will be alerted with a notification when the garment detects a rise in heat, which is a possible sign of inflammation occurring. The gymnast will be advised to stop training and stretch her overworked muscle area. It will then give a second notice when it is safe for the gymnast to return to training.

The Takeaway

Using exo’s technology and assistive coaching methods allows gymnasts to learn and comprehend their corrections, reducing frustration and improving performance. exo™ is functional not only in helping gymnasts learn new skills, but also in preventing injuries for young, growing athletes. This wearable technology can improve and change the future of coaching strategies in gymnastics, and overall improve scores of competitive gymnasts.