SEVEN™ Seas Products

Packaging Design

A product line that tells a narrative of its origin and creation, and that is executed through a cohesive system throughout each component. SEVEN™ Seas Products are bathroom essentials created using skin and hair enriching minerals collected from the seven oceans of our world. 

The boxes are angled in the form of the number seven, to represent the brand and its story. The counter parts of the boxes fit tightly with one another, intended to create a unifying display when aligned alongside each other.


The target audience for this product line is boys aged fifteen to nineteen who are undergoing puberty and produce strong body odors, as well as battling acne. SEVEN™ products are best for those who have outgrown children’s products, yet do not prefer the more mature men’s scents.

AR Component

SEVEN™ products also have an Augmented Reality component in which users can scan the label on their mobile device to learn more about the products. Once scanned, videos of the production of the products are found, as well as recommended ways to use the item.

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